SLOWHAND: The Life and Music of Eric Clapton

SLOWHAND: The Life and Music of Eric Clapton

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Philip Norman has penned bestselling biographies of the greatest in the history of rock music, so when he turns his hand to Eric Clapton, the unrivalled master of rock's most essential tool - the solid-body electric guitar - you know that disappointment is impossible. And so it proves. As befits a biographer with his reputation, in writing this he had full access to not just Clapton, his family and closest friends but also to a veritable Who's Who of music industry royalty and, crucially, below-stairs staff too! In one of life's delightful coincidences it turns out that this review is actually being written on Slowhand's 75th birthday (30 March) and as with so many giants of rock of his generation one cannot help wonder what divine influence saw fit to ensure his survival when so many did not. When taking in Norman's adroit description of his subject's scandalous childhood - his mother Patricia gave birth to him at the age of 16 after getting pregnant at 15 by a Canadian soldier, Edward Fryer, then abandoned him at the age of 2 to be raised by his grandmother Rose - his early years of recklessness and excess, his twisting struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol on an epic scale in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, his insatiable appetite for expensive cars and a libido matched only by Mick Jagger it is quite staggering to believe he is still with us, but also had the time and mental wherewithal to create an unmatched musical catalogue. The Yardbirds, Cream, Blind Faith and all the other collaborations including 2010 and Derek Trucks and all fellow band members, romantic interests, friends and rivals - it is all here in this necessarily racy and riotous but simultaneously thoughtful account of one man's redemptive life journey, a man who hit the extremes of success and despair and has been deified more than even The Beatles. With 16 pages of excellent colour and b/w photos, 440pp. Apologies for small remainder mark.
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