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Anna Sewell said she wrote Black Beauty "to induce kindness, sympathy and an understanding treatment of horses." It was the first book written from the point of view of a horse and was an immediate success. Here it has been abridged and retold for a new audience illustrated by Ruth Brown in glorious full page colour artworks. "I was jet black like my mother, but with a star on my forehead, one white foot and a small patch of white hair on my back." Grand stately houses, carriages, stable boys, Ginger the horse who wouldn't leave her stall, out on a stormy night the river had washed half the bridge away. "While my wounds healed, I was put in the meadow. When Ginger joined me, I was happy as I had been with my mother all those years ago. But our time together was short. Only perfect horses were allowed to pull our master's carriages. Because of my badly scarred knees, I was no longer considered perfect and so I was sold." Finally a kind London cabbie called Jerry Baker bought me. They worked hard in the freezing night air. His new owner Mr Skinner made Black Beauty carry such horribly heavy loads he crashed to the ground and couldn't get up. Back to the country life and his old stable groom Joe Green, a perfect happy ending. Black Beauty's story changed the lives of horses all over the world. Ages 5+. Beautiful big picture book.
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