ART NOUVEAU: Paris, Bruxelles, Barcelona

ART NOUVEAU: Paris, Bruxelles, Barcelona

THOMAS HAUFFE    Book Number: 87503    Product format: Hardback

A spectacular, heavyweight quality new publication from Könemann featuring Victor Horta's Hotel Tassel staircase on the front cover and Henry Bergér's La Lecture on the back cover, a nude beauty in stained glass surrounded by butterflies, plants and birds. With Art Nouveau, there developed a new, international style under various names in architecture and handicrafts from the 1880s onwards. In England, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood had formed around Dante Gabriel Rossetti already in the mid 19th century and celebrated a return to nature and the Middle Ages. William Morris and John Ruskin founded the Arts & Crafts movement likewise, as an alternative to industrial production. In France the new style was called Art Nouveau, in Germany Jugendstil, in Italy Stile Liberty, in Great Britain Modern Style and in Spain Modernisme. Each artist and craftsman produced flowing, organic lines and patterns which reached exuberant levels of richness in ornamentation and also strictly geometric or simple design. With a penchant for Asian aesthetics, and the Middle Ages, it also embraced new technological possibilities in glass and cast-iron construction. Think of the entrances to the Paris Métro stations with their organic and inviting metalwork. Colour posters, decorative ceilings, La Sagrada Familia and exhibits at the World's Fair at Crystal Palace, 1851, Rossetti's Proserpine, and The Daydream, and The Annunciation showing the Angel Gabriel announcing to Mary that she would bear the Son of God, Millais' Ophelia lying face up, dead, surrounded with beautiful flowers, epitomised the grace and beauty of these artworks. Mosaics, the endless bench in Gaudí's the Park Güell in Barcelona, architecture, posters, façades, Tiffany glass windows, cast iron door fittings, libraries and restaurants, the Belgian Comic Centre, exquisitely designed vases with floral engravings and anemone decoration, Gallé-designed inlaid furniture, exquisitely swirling brooches and belt buckles with poppy motifs, vases and chairs, glass domes and galleries, we are blessed with many examples still remaining, carefully photographed and catalogued in this exquisite new publication, many in close-up colour detail. 515pp, 11¼" x 12¼".
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