RHYTHMS OF MODERN LIFE: British Prints 1914-1939

RHYTHMS OF MODERN LIFE: British Prints 1914-1939

EDITED BY CLIFFORD ACKLEY    Book Number: 87492    Product format: Hardback

Ranging from radical geometric abstractions to colourful Jazz Age images of sporting events like skating and speed trials, atmospheric dry points and linocuts such as 'Looking Through Brooklyn Bridge' or the energy of the industrial style woodcuts like C. R. W. Nevinson's 'Ramming Home A Heavy Shell' from 1917 or a dock scene of the same year by Edward Wadsworth. The radical styles of Cubism and Futurism arrived in Britain just as a nation was transitioning to a more modern, vital society, inspiring British artists to respond with their own take on these revolutionary movements. The book examines the impact of avant-garde Continental influences on British printmaking in the years from WWI to the outbreak of the WWII. It highlights the works of 13 artists, in particular the dynamic imagery of C. R. W. Nevinson, Paul Nash, Edward Wadsworth and David Bomberg - early followers of Italian Futurism and British Vorticism. Also the works of Claude Flight, Cybil Andrews, Cyril Power and Lill Tschudi - artists associated with the Grosvenor School. The book features more than 100 lithographs, etchings, woodcuts and linocuts and Ackley's introduction takes stock of the art historical moment. Includes short biographies of the artists whose work embodies the era's preoccupations with speed, machines, urbanism and new facets of modern life. There is a colour woodcut by Edvard Munch Evening Melancholy, The Wave reminiscent of Hiroshige, Bathers by Cybil Andrews, acrobats, the concerto and the concert hall, blast furnaces, the Black Country, New Cable, The Winch, Sledgehammers, Racing, The Eight (rowing) and some of our favourites are The Tube Train and The Tube Station and other transport images of speed and movement. An exquisite gallery published by The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, specially imported by Bibliophile. 224pp, 9" x 9½". Colour.
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