DENT'S MODERN TRIBES: The Secret Languages of Britain

DENT'S MODERN TRIBES: The Secret Languages of Britain

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Famous from Channel Four TV's Countdown and 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Susie Dent is the resident word expert in Dictionary Corner. She casts her perceptive eye at all the tribes around us, from twitchers to taxi drivers, criminals who have always had their own words for everything, builders who call plastering the ceiling 'Doing Lionel Richie's dance floor', Freemasons' handshakes, publicans' banter and that a soldier's biggest social blunder is a Jack brew, making a cuppa tea without making one for anyone else. An idiosyncratic phrasebook like no other, sparkling with wit and insight, learn to talk the talk, the lingo of ramblers who know their 'RUPPs' (roads used as a public path) and geocaching, GORP (granola, oats, raisins, peanuts) a useful sustenance on the trail and flip-flopper, a hiker who sets off in one direction, then at some point trudges back in another direction. Did you know the word Chav originated in the fairground? And here are all carnies and circus folk with their words for a fortune teller (dukker) and tent (slanger). Cricketers, paramedics, butchers, market traders, airmen and women, comedians, actors, trainspotters, cabin crew, the IT crowd to lexicographers, plus how to eavesdrop and discover hundreds of new words. One of Susie's favourites is 'snotter'. Become multilingual in your own country. 328pp.
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