INCREDIBLE JOURNEY: The Lost World of the 1930s

INCREDIBLE JOURNEY: The Lost World of the 1930s

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Around the world in just over a year, 22-year-old Max Reinsch and 19-year-old Helmuth Hahmann embarked upon an extraordinary journey in just a small Steyr 100 motor car to search for a land route from India to China. With the Burma Road yet to be built, this drive would mean the constant sinking of axels in mud on a forest track, traversing torrents on rickety ferries and encounters with a wide variety of people. From their discovery of a highly equipped workshop of the Burmah Oil Company with all the latest gadgets in the middle of the jungle in Chauk, to the work vehicle they rode in while en route to the Honai Ta Ho forest lodge which possessed a gear stick that required constant attention on account of the fact that the gears had a tendency to slip out and disengage, whether you are sitting in conference with the mayor of Girishk on the banks of the Helmund having coffee after securing permission to cross the river, enjoying a compulsory holiday when the car required parts to be sent to Chieng-Rai from Vienna, Riesch and Hahmann pause for three weeks where they encountered a motorcycling exploration aficionado who shared stories of his love of the bikes over a few pernods. Accompanying this glorious autobiography is Peter Reisch's preface to the German language centenary edition, as well as his preface to this edition. Explore the world during the 1930s through the lavish collection of black and white photographs. Admire Reisch beside the prince of Keng-Tung and his wife to haunting photographs of the places too, Benares with corpses lying ready for cremation with holy cows sitting behind them and the fairy-tale landscape of Kuansi. A map charters each stage, including trips from Jerusalem to Baghdad, Nagasaki to Tokyo, and Seattle to New York with a tangential trip into Mexico. Paperback, photos and maps, 288pp.
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