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First-hand accounts of the Holocaust from the rise of power of Hitler to the Nuremberg trials. During the Holocaust, as many as two million Jews were shot in the open air, in streets and forest clearings, perhaps 2¾ million gassed in the extermination camps. The remainder perished from disease or malnutrition in ghettos or were worked to death, or succumbed in the 'death marches' of the winter 1944-5. The book follows the history of the 'Shoah', the concentration camps of 'The Final Solution' taking centre stage and tells the story from the perspective of those who were there, witnesses on both sides to the horror. Some are well known such as Anne Frank, Primo Levi and Heinrich Himmler. The book includes recollections of camp inmates, SS Totenkopf guards, and the British soldiers who liberated Belsen. Appalling is the listing of the number of Jews murdered in various places in Eastern Europe following the invasion of Russia, presented by Heydrich at the Wansee Conference. 290pp in illustrated paperback.
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