CORPORATION: Gangsters. Drugs. Sex. And Violence

CORPORATION: Gangsters. Drugs. Sex. And Violence

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The story of Cuban organised crime in America has its roots in what would become known as the Bay of Pigs invasion. Eisenhower and the CIA had a goal to take back Cuba and the invasion would become one of the most notorious military failures in US history. Indirectly this failure would become the seed for a criminal underworld in America known as the Corporation. The anti-Castro legacy is the context for this story of organised crime which rivalled the Mafia in its scope and body count. Cops were bought off, and the Corporation had a certain mystique. Links to the CIA and the underground anti-Castro movement through organisations such as Alpha 66 and Omega 7, groups that carried out political assassinations in the US and South America, made it seem as though the Corporation was untouchable. Revenge plots spanned many years and wild shootouts on the streets of Miami's Little Havana and all around New York City and New Jersey saw main characters like El Padrino in a self-aggrandising trajectory of rags to riches topped off with a dash of rosy optimism and American exceptionalism. The story begins in Cuba 1961 when José Miguel Battle Snr, a former cop and member of the counter-revolutionary group intent on overthrowing Fidel Castro, is captured. In Miami 1962, Battle travels to the USA, chased from Cuba by revolution, and is renamed The Godfather. The 2,500 strong Cuban-American criminal alliance is established, known as The Corporation, with powerful members who were fellow outcasts and enemies of Castro. Gaining money, power and influence by running gambling rackets, money laundering, drug trafficking and murder, they never gave up the dream of killing Castro and reclaiming their homeland. An epic tale of gangsters, drugs and violence and the rise and fall of America's Cuban Mafia. 584pp in paperback with many photos, some colour.
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