SIKKIM: Requiem For a Himalayan Kingdom

SIKKIM: Requiem For a Himalayan Kingdom

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Here is the incredible true story of Sikkim, a tiny Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas that survived the end of the British Empire only to be annexed by India in 1975. Sikkim's last ruler was Thondup Namgyal and his young American wife Hope Cooke (pictured in 1965 in full silk costume). They were thrust unwittingly into the spotlight as they sought support for Sikkim's independence after their wedding in 1963. But as tensions between India and China spilled over into armed conflict in the Himalayas, Sikkim became a pawn in the Cold War as it played out in Asia during the 1960s and 1970s. Rumours circulated that Hope was a CIA spy, while a shadowy Scottish adventuress, married to one of Sikkim's leading political figures, coordinated opposition to the Palace. Facing challenges on all sides, Thondup and Sikkim never stood a chance. On the eve of declaring an Emergency across India, Indira Gandhi outwitted everyone to bring down the curtain on the 300 year old Namgyal dynasty. Based on interviews and archive research as well as retracing a journey the author's grandfather made in 1922, this is a thrilling, romantic and informative glimpse of a real life Shangri-La. This could so easily be made into a film with appearances from Henry Kissinger, Zhou Enlai and Chairman Mao and the story has great resonance today with all interested in India and China's complex relationship. 380pp in paperback, 16 black and white and 16 colour images plus maps showing Sikkim's complex geopolitical position.
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