SIEGE: Trump Under Fire

SIEGE: Trump Under Fire

MICHAEL WOLFF    Book Number: 87183    Product format: Hardback

"The President made his familiar stink-in-the-room face, then waved his hands as though to ward off a bug". Just one year into Donald Trump's term as President, Michael Wolff told the electrifying story of a White House consumed by controversy, chaos and intense rivalries. Fire and Fury, an instant bestseller, defined the first phase of the Trump administration. Now this book Siege, written in an equally explosive style, sets out Trump's second year, and the situation is profoundly different. No longer tempered by experienced advisors, he is more impulsive and volatile than ever. But Robert Mueller's 'Witch Hunt' haunts Trump every day, and other federal prosecutors are taking a deep dive into his business affairs. Many in the political establishment, even some members of his own administration, have turned on him and are dedicated to bringing him down. The Democrats see victory at the polls, and perhaps impeachment in front of them. Trump meanwhile is certain he invincible, making him all the more exposed and vulnerable. Increasingly erratic, the question that lies at the heart of his tenure becomes evermore urgent - will this most abnormal of Presidencies at last reach breaking point and implode? The book is an alarming and indelible portrait of a President surrounded by enemies and blind to his peril. "It's playing the game" he explained in one of his frequent monologues about his own superiority and everyone else's stupidity. Read about the most divisive leader in American history. 335pp in 2019 hardback.
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