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Sub-titled 'Staying Human in the Digital Age', "Keen offers tools for righting our societies and principals" - in the words of Steve Jobs. He has been described as 'a visionary critic' and 'one of the most combative and acerbic commentators on Silicon Valley'. Andrew Keen in his previous books exposed the cultural and social dangers posed by Internet technology. What was once seen as a tool for connecting people, for research and for providing opportunity is now recognised as a force that is profoundly reshaping our world. Here Keen sets out a compelling manifesto for improving how we live in the digital age. Taking lessons from the world-changing events of the Industrial Revolution, he travels round the globe from India to Estonia, Germany to Singapore, investigating the best and worst practices in regulation, innovation, social responsibility, consumer choice and education. We are currently caught between the operating systems of two quite different civilisations - the withering of the industrial economy, a deepening inequality between rich and poor, persistent unemployment, a cultural malaise and the unravelling of post-Cold War international alliances. Plus a dwindling of trust in traditional institutions, the redundancy of traditional political ideologies, and a crisis about what constitutes 'truth'. It is the digital revolution, the global hyper connectivity powered by the Internet that lies behind much of this disruption. Can it be successfully tamed, managed and reformed? Increased transparency, creativity and even a healthy dose of disruption might make the world a better place. The book outlines a series of legislative, economic, and ethical reforms which can if correctly implemented help fix our common future. 330pp in paperback.
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