HOMEWARD BOUND: Life of Paul Simon

HOMEWARD BOUND: Life of Paul Simon

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One half of the incredibly popular duo Simon and Garfunkel, here we take a bridge over troubled waters and learn all the backstage detail in a biography about one of these musicians. To sing 'Bridge', Paul had climbed into his falsetto range finding a rich, flute-like tone he had never used in public, which Artie thought was a shame. Paul had believed it a brief and restrained ballad, but it became a full production with strings, booming drums and a cathedral-sized ending. Paul scratched out the 'silver girl' lines in one sitting and they made sure they'd have an authentic gospel piano sound. For this Paul got in touch with the son of Leonard Chess of Chess Records to help. In perfect harmony, the pair often clashed over musical differences. "I'm writing in parallel fifth." "He was a fool, Beethoven" said Artie, thoroughly unimpressed. Paul Simon was the boy from Queens who scored his first hit in 1957. As the song writing half of Simon and Garfunkel, his work helped define the youth movement of the 60s. Going solo in the 70s he made radio-dominating hits and kicked off the 80s by reuniting with Garfunkel to perform for half a million New Yorkers in Central Park. Five years later his album Graceland sold millions and spurred international political controversy. And it doesn't stop there. The grandchild of Jewish immigrants from Hungary, the singer songwriter has now sold more than 100 million records, won 15 Grammies and been installed into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame twice. We learn that 'The Boxer' fell together quickly and all about his love life. "Just as Kathy had helped stabilise his moods five years earlier, Peggy gave Paul a sense of security... When he drifted too far into the weird vapours of the bohemian artists, Peggy would strongly suggest he take out the garbage, walk the dog..." Superbly detailed and interesting on the music scene and politics of the time. 23 pictures, 397pp in paperback.
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Very interesting
from Anonymous on 16/01/2020
This was not what I expected,I thought I knew what he was about ,not the case,and was unable to put the book down.The early days, and his career outside the singing we all know,were new to me.I may even read it again!