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The long-haired one from Top Gear explains the sum of history in component parts, from the humble garden lawnmower to the ear-splitting electric guitar. He writes in his typically whacky way about how great machines work, and is charming and transfixing comparing the smoke-belching cacophonous old lawnmowers to the robotic electric hover mower of today. He begins in 1959 with the Suffolk Colt petrol lawnmower in 331 parts, photographed and lovingly described as he reassembles one with his poshest pair of pliers, explains how the carburettor works and shows in four times the actual size an exploded diagram from the handbook. He explains lawn stripes and reproduces a 1950s domestic photograph to prove how neat it all looked. His other choices to celebrate and reassemble are the Dansette Bermuda portable record player, a Triang-Hornby Flying Scotsman, a Kenwood Chef A701A food mixer, a 1984 Tokai electric guitar, a 1957 GPO Bakelite rotary dial telephone and a Honda Z50A monkey bike, tiny but surprisingly comfortable and hilarious when seen under James May on page 177, laughing his head off. He will have you laughing and learning alongside him. 192 large pages, colour and other photos.
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