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Published individually as 'The Log of the Maken' in 1961, 'Sea-Saint' in 1957 and 'The Building the St Mary' in 1963, this is a big paperback omnibus of the true adventurous tales of a yachtsman. Nicolson was a naval architect and author who joined a Canadian and a Norwegian to sail the 45 foot ketch Maken from England via the Panama Canal to Vancouver in Canada. The book describes how Ian returned home from Vancouver, hitchhiked his way between Canada's east and west coasts via California, found the bare hull of a 30 foot, six inch yacht in a shipyard at Chester near Halifax, finished the building and rigging of her in a few weeks and with his own hands and the help of the Stevens family and their small staff, sailed her across the Atlantic Ocean and up the Channel to Weymouth without stopping. It describes how Ian built the experimental ketch the St Mary with his wife Morag, and the help of their friends and neighbours in Scotland, and achieved racing success. With a wonderful economy of words, a modesty which will not deceive the experienced reader, useful drawings of constructional and rigging details, landlubbers will thrill to the roar of the sea and wind in the sails in these true tales. 352pp in large paperback, illus.
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