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First published in 1905, the book was created as the definitive manual for polo, explaining its origins and rules, offering strategic advice, and reflecting on what might be to come. Dale's instructions and observations are just as relevant today. Once called the 'Sport of Kings', the fast and furious game of polo has a long and varied history. Originating in Persia, the popularity of the game spread to North America, China and the Indian sub-continent, where it was picked up by the British Raj. It is now played professionally in many countries and continues to inspire as a sport celebrating the alliance between human and horse, as enjoyable to observe with a drink in hand as it is in which to participate. The book looks at the Hurlingham and Ranelagh clubs and their influence and expansion on the sport, the growth of polo in London and the provinces, regimental polo, the training of the pony, tournament and team play, umpires and referees, stable management and breeding, appliances and expenses and suggestions on handicapping. Finally the Rules of Polo in England. 256pp, archive photos.

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