CENTURY 21: Classic Comic Strips

CENTURY 21: Classic Comic Strips

GERRY ANDERSON    Book Number: 87058    Product format: Hardback

A big, graphic, colourful cartoon strip book packed with nostalgic artworks from the years 1965 to 1972. We counted 13 full length cartoon strips, four from Thunderbirds including The Eye of Jupiter with artwork by Frank Bellamy, three from Captain Scarlet including Robot Challenge with artwork by Mark Noble, two from UFO including Too Old At 32 (how funny!) with artwork by Gerry Haylock originally published in Countdown May 1971, three comic strips from Zero X and one from Fireball XL5 entitled Space Membrane. The Mysterons threaten to unleash a robot army on Los Angeles unless Captain Scarlet returns to Mars with Captain Black to face the power of the Mysteron Controller ? a giant computer. Stranded on the lunar surface, Interceptor pilot Frank Harris discovers an alien is preparing a devastating strike on SHADO Moonbase and many more. The 1967 strip Menace From Space is set in 2067 when Man is master of the Universe. Discovery, danger and excitement abound and fantastic graphic artwork to enjoy once more in this rather nostalgic collection. 9½" x 11½" with note on all the artists and writers. 160pp.
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ISBN 9780956653420
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