PIMP STATE: Sex, Money and the Future of Equality

PIMP STATE: Sex, Money and the Future of Equality

CAT BANYARD    Book Number: 87039    Product format: Paperback

Never before have prostitution, strip clubs and pornography been as profitable, widely used or embedded in mainstream culture as they are today. This prompts many questions - should it be legal to pay for sex? Isn't it a woman's choice if she strips for money? Is online porn seriously warping the attitudes of a generation of girls and particularly boys? Leading feminist Cat Banyard explores and confronts the profoundly dangerous myths surrounding the sex trade, and the grave threat they pose to the struggle for women's equality. She skewers the images promoted by the commercial industry with forensic intelligence in a barnstorming polemic against the horrors of the sex industry. Methodical, impassioned, shocking and occasionally funny like her take on the Oscars of porn with the film Titterific "We're groping, grabbing and sucking at the most impressive racks in the business!" 262pp in paperback.
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