GOBLINOIDS: How To Draw and Paint Goblins

GOBLINOIDS: How To Draw and Paint Goblins

SCOTT PURDY    Book Number: 87014    Product format: Paperback

The Bone Collector, Morbus Marrowmuncher, a mutant warrior, treasure hunter Nisky 'Bones' Finchleskip and the very rotund belly dancer Grundl Bumperdunce are among the orcs, mutant warriors, tramps, rocketeers and goblins in this grungy world. Learn how to bring these mysterious fiends to life. Arms and legs are generally skinny and hands and feet oversized, they have a thick brow with very little hair, long ears and pointy, drawn-out noses often with chunks missing, bitten or hacked out during vicious fights. Life stories and personalities accompany each character and you discover all about the hands, skeleton, basic anatomy, lighting, materials and tools and follow the line art and step-by-step drawing as it evolves into a detailed painting with chains, breastplates, glowing green eyes. Add humour and mood to the characteristics of hobgoblins, trolls, ogres and your own unique cast of monsters and fantastical characters. 128pp in large softback, dozens of colour illus. 8" x 11" in softback.
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ISBN 9781600611827
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