VIKINGS: A New History

VIKINGS: A New History

NEIL OLIVER    Book Number: 87007    Product format: Hardback

Derived from the author's TV series, just like him here is an engaging, informative book, good on both landscapes and seascapes as we learn the truth about the Vikings from Newfoundland to Moscow, Iceland to Istanbul. The well-known Scottish archaeologist and historian has a distinctive and charismatic style. His book has a remarkable breadth, 2000 years of history with reference to political, economic, social, military and even landscape changes. Their story stretches from Scandinavian origins to America in the west and as far as Baghdad in the east, and Neil Oliver draws on the latest discoveries that have only recently come to light to show how the Vikings really lived. He brings to life some real Viking warriors, characters with names like Svein, Forkbeard, Ivar the Boneless, Gorm the Old, Harald Bluetooth and Erik Blood Axe, and not forgetting King Alfred the Great, the nemesis of the Vikings. Oliver brings to life these denizens of the Dark Ages who terrorised Europe and the known world of the 8th, 9th and 10th centuries. Only available now in second hand hardback or new paperback edition in the UK, we are thrilled to have discovered this glamorous 284 page hardback with colour plates and maps in the USA and imported copies.
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