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Sub-titled 'Madness, Murder and Art on the Banks of the Neva'. The cultural historian writes a sweeping account of a metropolis and its bloody past, a place of dazzling cultural heritage mirroring that of Russia as a whole. The city was home to such luminaries as Gogol, Dostoyevsky, Shostakovich and Nureyev. Miles presents an A-Z of St. Petersburg's history, its succession of rulers, European architects who created the handsome Neoclassical façades, the sorrows of the Russian Revolution, and the city that endured a 900 day German siege during World War Two, the trials of Soviet-era Leningrad which gave us its native son Putin. Here is all the absurdity, splendour, squalor and drama. Built on the flooded marshland of the River Neva on the western edge of Russia, established in 1703 by the sheer will of its charismatic founder Peter the Great, the city quickly cemented its sadistic dominion of its early rulers. In its successive incarnations as St. Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad and once again St. Petersburg, it has been a place of perpetual contradiction. The city was a window to Europe and the Enlightenment, famous for its literature, music, dance, glittering palaces, fairy tale balls and enchanting gardens, but also the blood of thousands have been spilled on its snow-filled streets. Very well received and reviewed on publication, the book is 'full of sparkling storytelling and well-drawn characters. A delight.' - The Sunday Times. 592pp, well illus, colour plates and 19th century map.
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