PLAY ON: Now, Then, And Fleetwood Mac

PLAY ON: Now, Then, And Fleetwood Mac

MICK FLEETWOOD & A. BOZZA    Book Number: 86979    Product format: Hardback

Mick Fleetwood: the mesmeric eyes, wild hair and serpentine legs that defined an era are immortalised in this frank, funny and seriously outrageous life in rock'n'roll. "Play On", the title of the autobiography, was Fleetwood's watchword as he became the only member of Fleetwood Mac to outstay all the others. "I attended quite a few schools in my youth" he admits, and dyslexia is what caused not only his educational struggles but also his incomparable command of rhythm in drumming: "I don't make a conscious decision to place my hi-hat accent a half beat behind the beat while my snare is just ahead, what I do just comes". His bandmate Lindsey Buckingham called it "the feel". At fifteen, his parents bought him a drumkit and sent him to London to make his way. In 1965 Mick got to know his lifelong friend John McVie through their mutual agent, and about this time he also met Jenny Boyd, sister of Pattie Boyd who married both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, and he fell in love with Jenny at first sight. They were married twice, divorcing in the mid-seventies and briefly remarrying while Mick was also having an affair with lead singer Stevie Nicks, both of them knowing it was doomed. By this time Fleetwood Mac were working in Los Angeles and Mick's notorious cocaine habit took over his life. The band's truly great albums date from this period, with the Fleetwood Mac album reaching America's no.1 and Rumours selling over 10 million copies. The court cases, the break-ups, the drumming techniques, President Clinton, the Rock 'n' roll Hall of fame: read all about it. 344pp, colour photos.
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