GOODBYE TO LONDON: Radical Art and Politics in the 70s

GOODBYE TO LONDON: Radical Art and Politics in the 70s

PETER CROSS & ASTRID PROLL    Book Number: 86966    Product format: Hardback

Astrid Proll is a name that many will recall from the 1970s. Arrested and imprisoned in her native Germany in 1971 for her associations with the Baader-Meinhof group, she escaped in 1974 and fled to London where out of necessity she became absorbed into the urban counter-culture of the time, until she was arrested by Special Branch in 1978 and extradited to Germany. It is her unique standpoint that makes her the ideal person to oversee this remarkable book. In a sense the "real '60s" were in fact the '70s - the counter-culture of the period between the revolt of 1968 and the arrival of Punk in 1977 has been unjustly overlooked but was in fact decisive in the liberalisation of British society and its art has profoundly influenced subsequent generations. This book presents the art and politics of '70s London in four main sections: Squatters (in particular the Tolmers Square, near Euston, protest/squat 1973-9), South London Gay Liberation (the forerunner of the Pride movement), the 1976-7 strike at the Grunwick film processing laboratory in Willesden and Seventies Art (extremely radical works in particular!). Here is the IRA, racism, unemployment, Asian immigrants. As well as Proll's introduction, there are five eyewitness essays relating to the main subjects and background histories (with German translations at the end), plus art and Super 8 films by Derek Jarman, Jo Spence's photos on the body and women and Margaret Harrison amongst others. A fascinating exposition of a part of London's history that is largely unknown. 119 colour and b/w illus, 208pp.
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