WHAT ON EARTH? Wallbook Timeline of Nature

WHAT ON EARTH? Wallbook Timeline of Nature

CHRISTOPHER LLOYD & A. FORSHAW    Book Number: 86940    Product format: Paperback

Published by the Natural History Museum, this all new edition huge outsize softback with concertina timeline includes a handy pocket magnifier measuring 4" x 5½" which may also be used for all sorts of other uses around the home! The softback book is in the form of a newspaper from The Wallbook Chronicle, "An epic expedition through the history of natural science." The articles look at gladiators, a leading scientist whose body was discovered amongst thousands slaughtered by an appalling volcano, Baghdad a new seat of learning after caliphs ordered translations of ancient texts, the science of the eye, gruesome dissections, astronomical challenges, 'microscope' technology, a new map of Britain, evolution, dinosaurs, fossils, palaeontology and even a dinosaur crossword to complete. The Letters Page is also beautifully illustrated and there is a two page 50 question quiz and classified adverts. But best of all is you can pull out from the book a two metre long colourful fold-out timeline which is detachable telling the four billion year story of the evolution of life on Planet Earth. Hundreds of illustrations showcase milestones and name and picture creatures from the past like the Conodont (an eel-like sea creature) right up to combine harvesters and facts about carbon dioxide emissions. Spectacular colour softback, 10" x 14".
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