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David Crockett of Tennessee became King of the Wild Frontier. A local hero and honest man, he was made a Justice of the Peace, elected Colonel of a local militia regiment and later to the Tennessee State Legislature. When in 1827 he is elected to Congress, he becomes almost overnight a national celebrity. Here was your bone fide wild man, out of the frontier West - a backwoods firecracker, funny as a cow up a tree. His unlettered charm, outsize personality and deep humour must have been striking but something else was at work here. Then suddenly he disappeared, and the world wondered if he had died a fiery death at the Alamo. There began the myth. The text of this version of Davy's Autobiography is composed of two works originally published just over a year apart and with some help from his friend Thomas Chiltern and William Clerk, both hurried into print and both of which 'crashed'. This fantastic reprint is lavishly illustrated with drawings, woodblock prints, lithographs, cartoons and portraiture, all mid 19th century works in black and white and embedded throughout. It gives Davy Crockett's story a visual dimension. One of the most iconic figures in American history, here he tells his larger-than-life exploits, his dedicated days as a politician, brave frontiersman, and honoured soldier - in his own words. A rich, first hand narrative, we will hear stories of his growing up in a log cabin, his days as a scout for Andrew Jackson during the War of 1812, his time as a congressman in his home state and his explosive fights with Jackson over the Indian Removal Act of 1830. 201pp, paperback.
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