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From the author of the bestselling Martin Beck mystery series "This is black caviar of the finest grade." - New York Times Book Review. Chief Inspector Jensen is a policeman in an unnamed European country where the government has criminalised being drunk, where newspapers are designed for reassurance, and where city centres have been demolished to devote more space to gleaming new motorways. Recovering in a hospital room abroad after a liver transplant, Jensen receives a note instructing him to return home immediately. When he reaches the airport, he discovers that all the flights home have been cancelled, and all communication from within his homeland has ceased. One of the last messages sent requested urgent medical help from abroad, but what has happened? Has an epidemic taken hold? Why has the government fled the capital? To penetrate the silence and mystery that has fallen over the country and its people, Jensen returns only to discover the unthinkable. A dystopian piece of science fiction first published in 1968 set in a near-future welfare state where a coalition between supposed socialists and capitalist interests has created The Accode. While benign on the surface, it has reduced the morale of the populace to a stultifying state of apathy. 200 page paperback. Remainder mark.
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ISBN 9780307744463
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