RED NILE: A Biography of the World's Greatest River

RED NILE: A Biography of the World's Greatest River

ROBERT TWIGGER    Book Number: 86909    Product format: Hardback

For a moment when the Blue Nile in full flood enters the White Nile it backs up the river, reversing its flow for five miles, mixing its load of sediment with the clearer waters of the White Nile to make, for a few days, a blood-red river. This moment in time and place where Blue and White meet in the Sudan in early summer near Khartoum is a magical metaphor for the world's greatest river - a river of blood, life and death. This is a river that naturally runs red throughout history, the colour of wars, of creation, of struggle, of pilgrimage, of sickness, of triumph. The Nile inspired Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC to seek its source and we now know that the flood arises in the summer monsoon rains that deluge the Ethiopian highlands. Seasoned historical writer Robert Twigger covers the entirety of the river, charting its lengths from its disputed origins through Africa, on a whirlwind tour of rulers, explorers, conquerors, generals, and novelists who painted the Nile 'red'. The Daily Telegraph: "This torrent of tales sweeps up everything from hippos (the Columbian drug baron Pablo Escobar kept four Nile hippos at his mansion in Medillín) to erotic papyrus." Teeming with arcane facts and high spirited asides, a funny and memorable well received book. 466pp, maps, photos and illus. US first edition 2014.
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