WIZARDOLOGY: A Guide to Wizards of the World

WIZARDOLOGY: A Guide to Wizards of the World

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For all Harry Potter and wizard apprentices, set down on these pages are four wizardological paths: of Western wizards, Eastern sages, Chinese masters and shamans. Each one has its own unique skills in the various areas of magic. Their skills include animation, transformation, healing, affecting (a skill best used in moderation), divination and familiars (cat, dog, toad, owl, hedgehog, pig; dragon, unicorn (rarely). We learn about shamans from South America and North America, Lapp and African, Indian fakirs, Arabian sages and Eastern masters where meditation and contemplation are essential for development. Learn about symbols stamped into clay like the Dragon Tiger Stamp, about three rules when flying a carpet, weather spells, a fly-me-to-the-moon spell, the magic of the totem pole, feathered headdresses and colourful robes. If you are extremely intelligent, you may be capable of learning a great many spells - to the point of irritation. With its padded cover, silver foil, and envelopes at the end, there is a special car game with useful set of cards to test your growing levels of wizardological skills. Beautifully designed and illustrated, ages 12 to adult and with striking artwork by illustrators including John Howe. 9" x 10½".
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