STORY OF BRITAIN: From the Romans to The Present

STORY OF BRITAIN: From the Romans to The Present

SIR ROY STRONG    Book Number: 86874    Product format: Hardback

The former Director of NPG and V&A Museums, Sir Roy Strong CH has written an exemplary introduction to the history of Britain, as first designated by the Romans. His brilliant and balanced account begins with the earliest recorded Celtic times and ends with the present day of Brexit Britain. There is a new preface to this 2018 edition and includes the original 1966 edition preface as well. Chapters include Britannia, Alfred and the Vikings, 1066, The Conquest: Loss and Gain, The Norman Kings, The First Plantagenet, The End of an Empire, The Gothic Age, Towards a United Island, An Incompetent King, The Hundred Years' War, The Black Death, The Great Revolt, The Victor of Agincourt, The Wars of the Roses, William Caxton Printer, Armada, Gloriana's England, Immortal Shakespeare, From Magic to Science: Isaac Newton, The Rule of the Elite, Disintegration and Defeat, World War and the Invention of Britain, Town into Country: The Industrial Revolution, Victorian Britain: The Classless Society, Coming to Terms with Democracy, The Consumer Society, Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers and Brexit and Beyond. A fantastic single-volume narrative history written 'to provide for every man an introductory history of our country.' Lovely colour illustrations, 590pp.
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