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Sub-titled 'The Voyage of Discovery That Transformed Tudor England'. In 1553, three ships were commissioned to look for a short-cut sea route. They commissioned Sir Hugh Willoughby and Richard Chancellor to voyage in search of a north-east passage through the Arctic to Asia. It was one of the boldest in English history and a significant turning point in English economic and cultural development. It is also a good story well told. The author places the expedition in the wider context of global exploration, mercantile expansion and the establishment of the first joint-stock company. The expedition anticipated the dawn of a new era, one that would see the formation of the East India Company and England's fledgling empire. Evans is alert to the complexities of early modern diplomacy and cultural encounter, and the description of the survivors' experiences in Russia complement well the treatment of what they endured at sea. It's difficult to imagine the victor over the Spanish Armada as a small backward island with little maritime experience, but that's just what England was. Willoughby was a brave gentleman soldier and Chancellor a brilliant naval scientist. Separated by a storm at sea, one man returned to England, telling extraordinary tales about the court of Ivan the Terrible. But the mystery surrounding the other two ships can be pieced together only through the captain's log. 383pp in paperback, eight pages of colour photos.
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