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Forget your fanteegs and roam at a foot-pace through the twisty alleyways of Victorian London using distinctly Dickensian words. It is a super literary romp through Charles Dickens's finest quips, barbs and turns of phrase, featuring 200 of his best loved words drawn from his 15 novels and hundreds of short stories. A gum-tickler was a strong and undiluted alcoholic drink; hobbledehoy, an awkward clumsy youth; humbug, a hoax or fraud; a marplot was a meddlesome though well meaning person; over the broomstick was married in a hasty, informal way; snuggery a snug, comfortable place; burked equals murdered, jackanapes a bold, ill-mannered and impudent person; scrofulously a diseased or dilapidated state; daffy a cure-all medicine for Victorian children; stews equals brothels and perhaps our favourite here at Bibliophile amongst us wordsmiths is Dickens' pretentious term for any fashionable, new fangled dance, the farinagholkajingo which first appeared in an 1843 article in Punch. Lovely Victorian line art in this gorgeous gift book for verbophiles. 222pp.
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