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Who can ever forget the Clint Eastwood film when he bonded with the huge hairy orange orangutan and we all fell in love with their almost humanlike characteristics? They are one of mankind's closest relatives and their name translates from the Malay words meaning 'People of the Forest'. They have a special reputation for patience and persistence and are notoriously clever when faced with a challenge. Orangutans are the world's largest tree-living mammal, and spend most of their time in the high forest canopies of Sumatra and Borneo. However the days of the wild orangutans are numbered as logging, agriculture and hunting pose critical threats to their survival. At the current rate of habitat destruction, wild orangutans could be lost within one generation which would make them the first great ape to become extinct in recorded history. They are sentient individuals who deserve far better treatment and urgent action is required. The only 'red heads', orangutans are the only Asian great ape and don't typically live in large social groups. They can travel casually through the treetops at heights of 150ft above the ground. Look into their eyes and learn about their complex mental lives and sophisticated behaviour in this book about their anatomy, life history, behaviour and cognition, conservation and distribution maps. 72 page paperback. 9¾" x 9". Gorgeous colour photos.
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