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In the area of Whalley Range, Manchester, just after midnight in the early minutes of the 2nd August 1876, police constables Nicholas Cock and James Beanland were doing their normal nightly rounds when they went to investigate the garden where they had seen a mysterious man. "They have done for me this time" said Little Bobby, the 26 year old who had only been a constable for eight months. Two gun shots. One bullet had passed through the lung and lodged under the fourth rib, a piece of bone had penetrated through the lung. As the doctor probed the wound "Leave me a be. Oh, Frank you are killing me." He said. There was no one in the room called Frank. A few months later on the evening of 29th November 1876, Arthur Dyson an engineer, was murdered in his own back yard at Banner Cross, Sheffield. Charles Peace was Victorian Britain's most infamous cat burglar and murderer. He was a complex character - ruthless, devious, dangerous, charming, intelligent and creative. Mrs Katherine Dyson identified him as the murder of her husband. As the police searched the country for him, Peace was living a life of luxury under another identity in London. One of these murders became the most notorious and scandalous cases of Victorian age, a tale of illicit romance and a nationwide hunt for Britain's most wanted man. The other was to become a landmark in British legal history. Although no one suspected a link between the two sensational murder cases, it turned out they would be tied together in a way that shocked Victorian society to its core. Marwood pulled the bolt and Charles Peace fell to his death, with what one writer described as "an awful thud". The hangman and surgeon pronounce him dead. He was 47. 192pp. Illus.
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