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'Tales of History's Greatest Archaeological Adventurers' is the sub-title of this history of courage, vision, resourcefulness, innovation and perseverance. Here is a book about the discovery of the past and the way in which archaeology evolved over little more than a century from mere treasure hunting to a science in its own right. It tells the story of a great age of adventure when tomb raiders, passionate eccentrics and scholars alike risked their lives and reputations to uncover lost worlds. The seeds of true archaeology grew from the European Enlightenment and until this time ancient relics were explained away in folk tale and legend - Stonehenge and Carnac were the playgrounds of giants, and even Imperial Rome took on a semi-mythical status. Chapters include The Collectors, Pre-History and Discovering Life Before the Flood, Human Remains, Dinosaur Hunters, Empires in Egypt, Greek Myth Becomes Reality, Cities from the Dust, Bible Quests, Raids on Buddism, The Ancient Maya, and Mysteries of the Incas. Learn about the early evidence of our ancestors, explorations and adventures in the classical world and the empires in Egypt and Africa. Follow Hiram Bingham into the Lost City of Macchu Picchu, and discover how Heinrich Schliemann turned myth into history when he found the legendary city of Troy. Trek with Stephens and Catherwood in search of the remains of the Ancient Maya, and uncover the myths surrounding Mitchell-Hedges and the infamous Crystal Skull. 272pp in softback with 57 illus, many in colour.
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Well written with great clarity
from Anonymous on 08/04/2020
This book was ideal for what I wanted, to produce a sort of 'family tree' with how my archeological heroes (and one or two 'villains') are connected to each other