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How can anyone believe in God when there is so much suffering? Does science mean the end of religion? Can there be such a thing as life after death? Is freedom just an illusion? What does it mean to lead a good life? Have we any reason to believe in God? What is the ultimate goal of life? These are some of the big questions that have exercised philosophers for millennia and in this lively and enjoyable book, Jonathan Hill focusses on how Christian thinkers have dealt with such issues over the centuries. The implications are drawn out and compared with alternative approaches and the text does not draw any final conclusions. Its purpose is to equip readers to think constructively for themselves rather than provide a ready-made philosophy. Ideas from philosophers or representatives of other religions are included to shed extra light on Christian ideas and the author avoids technicalities and assumptions of prior knowledge on the part of the reader. He asks who is God anyway? Can religious faith be rational? What happens to people from different religions? The Jewish heritage, the Greek heritage and the spiritual god, freewill and divine knowledge and much more food for thought. 240pp in paperback.
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