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Victorian innovators were responsible for the world's largest glass structure, an electric railway with lines under the sea and a carriage on stilts 20ft above the waves, a monster globe that visitors could enter to see the world's land masses, seas, mountains and valleys modelled on the interior, cameras disguised as bowler hats and many other everyday objects. The Great Stink and the building of London's sewer system, the London Underground as a steam railway, safety coffins designed to prevent premature burial, unusual medical uses for electricity, the first traffic lights which exploded a month after their erection in Westminster, and the birth and rapid rise to popularity of the cinema. Here are the well known inventions and design concepts from a perspective not previously appreciated, with details of the ingenious technology and thinking that led to their introduction and success. And not forgetting the less well known or successful inventions. Includes the people who invented Christmas, Le Bris's flying machine, the Aerial Steamer built by Thomas Moy, Big Ben as it is called up inside the Tower in a fantastic woodcut diagram, Thomas Edison, the gramophone which used wax cylinders, photography and even an exploding organ. Utterly intriguing, 288pp in very well illustrated large softback.
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