HISTORY OF COURTSHIP: 800 Years of Seduction Techniques

HISTORY OF COURTSHIP: 800 Years of Seduction Techniques

TANYA O'DONNELL    Book Number: 86704    Product format: Paperback

"All courtship is the art of convincing the other person of your innate desirability." Love At First, Second or Third Sight, Signalling Your Interest, Beauty and Seductive Items of Clothing and Handy Historical Guide, Love Tokens and Gifts, Coxcombs and Strumpets and How To Recognise Roguish Men and Women of Ill Repute, Chaperones and How Many A Reputation Has Been Saved By Having A Sibling Or Great Aunt In Tow, Love Songs, Letters and Poems and How To Be A Good Life Partner are the chapters in this extraordinary history. Using examples from letters from the aristocracy and landed gentry, oral folk wisdom of the peasantry, the book builds up a picture of love and romance through the ages. From being unable to ever consummate your love in the medieval tradition of amour courtois, to the Victorian insistence on chaperones, society has always attempted to thwart over-enthusiastic wooing. Yet love will find a way as the author proves in her lively exploration of the courting rituals of yesteryear. Discover how our ideas of desirable qualities in a mate have changed over time. Assets such as wealth, attractive features and the ability to give love tokens and admiration remain in high demand, yet our beliefs about the level of wealth we can marry into, good looks we can acquire and tokens of love we exchange have not remained constant. Today you might expect flowers and jewellery but in the past you would have been given a ribbon for your hair or a decorative wooden spoon or a personalised knitting stick. 137pp in well illustrated large softback.
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