CATS: A Gift Book

CATS: A Gift Book

JOHN TOWNSEND    Book Number: 86700    Product format: Hardback

A companion to Dogs code 86701, cats are loved and cherished, hated and feared more than any other domestic creature. Chapters cover Feline Origins, Biology and Their Role in World Culture, Extreme Cats like the hefty Maine Coons breed in the USA, the longest known measuring 122cms long. Himmi, a tabby from Queensland Australia is the heaviest recorded cat weighing in at a staggering 21.3kg. Here are cats in Ancient Egypt, the cat's body language with what his eye and tail movements mean, whether rubbing against your leg is really loving you (probably not) or just depositing pheromone secretions from their skin, folklore and superstition, science, cats and death and the varieties, their super smells, super hearing, sight, quotes, jokes and anecdotes. Very pretty line art, 96 page gift book.
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ISBN 9781911242932
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