VENI VIDI VICI: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

VENI VIDI VICI: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

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What have the Romans ever done for us? This is a 1200-year-old story of Rome that moves from 753 BC at the civilisation's foundation, to the end of its empire in the West in 476 AD, and explores the influence of Rome on both our language, literature, and legal system, as well as our politics, philosophy, architecture and empire. Ranging from gladiators and Spanish silver, to the Ides of March and the Pagan context of Christianity, sections include 'Lost in the Myths of Time: From Aeneas to Romulus, Remus and Rome', 'Their Finest Hour: Carthaginians, Hannibal and Empire' and 'Rising from the Ashes: The First Emperor - Augustus'. You will discover how approximately 16,000 gladiators a year worked in the 400 venues across the Empire, read extracts from writers such as Catullus, Cicero; and Marcus Aurelius, and celebrate figures such as Boudica of Britain and Zenobia of Palmyra in Syria, Cincinnatus who was both a farmer and dictator, and much about the ancient gods. Informative maps illustrate the Greek East, Britain, Rome, the Roman Empire, and Italy. Mill about with the 150,000 people in the Circus Maximus and relax in a public bath (which was equivalent to your local pub, leisure centre or gym), or celebrate the geese (sacred creatures to Juno) who alerted Roman soldiers to the approaching ambush of Gauls in 386 BC. Paperback, illus, 400pp.
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