MAKING A NOISE: Getting It Right, Getting It Wrong in Life,

MAKING A NOISE: Getting It Right, Getting It Wrong in Life,

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Always outspoken, John Tusa is a Renaissance man who has had a huge influence on broadcasting, the arts, politics and even academic life in Britain. Tusa was only a single generation away from provincial life in southern Czechoslovakia when he went up to Trinity College Cambridge, enjoying life to the full in "the winding, unpretentious domesticity of Trinity Street". Joining the University Mummers he took part in Arthur Miller's new play The Crucible, playing John Proctor to Clive Swift's Judge Danforth, while Peter Cook and David Frost were also contemporaries. In the sixties his BBC traineeship took him through the intellectual stimulus of the World Service at Bush House, the stagnation of Bristol and the assertive interviewing style of BBC Manchester. Back in London he reported on Macmillan's resignation and the Kennedy assassination, finally becoming a founder presenter of Newsnight, where he introduced serious arts content as well as reporting on the Falklands War. Tusa returned to the BBC World Service as its Director, and when he left for the One O' Clock News, he was also appointed President of Wolfson College, Cambridge, stepping straight into a minefield of politicking and backstabbing. Crammed into a tiny temporary flat Tusa and his wife struggled to meet college expectations, and when Tusa's suspension of the Senior Tutor was challenged he decided to go. Directorship of the Barbican and other arts bodies was rewarded with a knighthood in 2003. 392pp, colour photos.
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