CHURCHILL: The Young Warrior

CHURCHILL: The Young Warrior

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Winston Churchill is the single man who played a pivotal role in both World Wars. This specially imported book describes what young Winston learned about war, and the flaws in human nature while fighting in several as a young soldier, as a war correspondent at the frontline, as an aspiring young politician, and also as First Lord of the Admiralty who contributed to the Allied victory in the First World War. Informative and entertaining, the book covers his formative period in stylish prose and with a perceptive eye for colour, detail and context. Here is Churchill the soldier, journalist and politician, highlighting his adventures in India, the Sudan and South Africa, his early years in Parliament and as First Lord of the Admiralty (1911-15), his subsequent posting to France as an Officer of Fusiliers. The author parallels his public career and private life with an analysis of the political, military, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural climate that simultaneously invigorated and roiled Europe during the three decades leading up to the Great War. Here is young Winston on horseback in the cavalry at Khartoum, with sabre and lance against the Dervishes at the age of 22; at war against the Boers and leading a Scottish brigade in the trenches of the Western Front as Lieutenant-Colonel. The book also covers the failure, bloodshed and disgrace of Gallipoli that was blamed on him and could have led to his downfall. Here too are the formative relationships he had with the two most important women in his young life ? his mother Jennie who was an 18 year old American when she married an English aristocrat, and his young wife Clementine. Apologies for black dust jacket which never looks less than a little scruffy. 335pp, illus. 2017 US first edition.
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