TALES OF THE SAMURAI: Illustrated Edition

TALES OF THE SAMURAI: Illustrated Edition

A. B. MITFORD    Book Number: 86608    Product format: Hardback

Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford (1837-1916) was a career British diplomat who served for several years in Japan while the country was opening up to Western influences. Fascinated by Japanese culture, he published his collection of folk tales and traditions under the title Tales of Old Japan in 1871. Brought completely up to date, this edition is exquisitely illustrated and is a new full price publication we have imported from Barnes & Noble New York. Here are thrilling Japanese stories of vampires, ghosts and renegade Samurai. We step back through the mists of time where wandering Samurais seek revenge for the death of their master, the red-eyed spectres of an executed man and his wife haunt a palace, and wild animals have great power over men. The 11 tales include the 47 Ronin, Hazuma's Revenge, The Ghost of Sakura and The Vampire Cat of Nabeshima plus how a man was bewitched and had his head shaved by the foxes. With Edo floating-world style exquisite illustrations, much fighting and action, the aptly chosen illustrations decorate every heavyweight page. Beautifully designed 272pp. New full price.
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Great overview of these iconic figures
from Anonymous on 26/09/2019
Very informative. An interesting resource to dip in and out of.
After visiting Japan I wanted to know more about this area of their history so this has been invaluable.