OCCULT BOOK: A Chronological Journey


OCCULT BOOK: A Chronological Journey

JOHN MICHAEL GREER    Book Number: 86607    Product format: Hardback

From Alchemy to Wicca, here are the earliest alchemists of Ancient Egypt, the Philosopher's Stone, the Cabala, the origin of the Tarot, the Knight's Templar, the founding of the Hellfire Club, Aleister Crowley's The Book of the Lore, modern-day Wicca, and more. Beautifully presented with one topic per right hand page and a well chosen classical illustration in colour to the left, we learn history like Empdecocles inventing the four elements in the 5th century BCE, the first horoscopes, Rome outlawing the Bacchic mysteries in 186BCE, Miriam the alchemist, the death of Jesus, magic on trial in the 2nd century, the last pagan emperor of Rome 363, the Malleus Maleficarium, the Prophecies of Nostradamus, John Dee, Giordano Bruno burned at the stake, the first Masonic Grand Lodge, the Voodoo Queen, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Harry Houdini and more. We encounter beautiful artworks and intriguing insight in this astonishing story of suppression, survival and rebirth. Gorgeously designed new full price book of 212pp imported from Barnes & Noble New York.
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