MEDIEVALISM: The Middle Ages In Modern England

MEDIEVALISM: The Middle Ages In Modern England

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A new interest in medieval things surfaced in England in the 1760s and with it a revival of medieval form, manifest in literature and in architecture. In the 1830s this affected religion and produced major changes in architecture, then painting and the decorative arts and the country's idea of its history and its identity changed. Chapters include The Advent of the Goths, Chivalry, Romances and the Revival from Chaucer into Scott, The Residences of Pugin, Carlyle and Ruskin, Malory into Tennyson and the Death of Arthur, Ivanhoe, Poetry in Painting, Madox Brown, and Morris, Hopkins, Whistler, Burne-Jones and Beardsley, Chesterton, Yeats, Ford and Pound, Waugh and Auden into the 20th century. This reissued and updated paperback edition of this groundbreaking account examines the ways in which the style of the medieval period was reinvigorated in post-Enlightenment England right up to J. R. R. Tolkien and J. K. Rowling. Amusingly written with fantastic throw away remarks, deeply researched, sweeping and sometimes idiosyncratic, and always interesting. 282pp, 27 plates, mostly in colour, the last of which is an illustration for The Hobbit with a late example of the fairy-tale medievalism of the Edwardian nursery. Yale University Press paperback.
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