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"Every phase of out market society's expansion was shaped by deceit, fraud and mountebankery." - Chris Lehmann, In These Times. This engaging history looks at how Britain attempted to negotiate capitalism in the century running up to the outbreak of the First World War. It is a study of the rogues, swindlers and fraudsters who tried to benefit from the market economy through the use of deceit and an examination of how capitalism itself was forged through evolving mechanisms to curb these dishonest tendencies. The author Klaus swims against the current of neo-liberal vindication of Adam Smith and sees the 'invisible hand' as a figment of Enlightenment optimism. Are individuals motivated by true self interest as a theoretical model, or empirical discovery? Written with great imagination, flair and research for a wider audience interested in the moral dimensions of finance capitalism and that intangible feeling, trust. 287pp in paperback.
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