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Mixing historical detail and dark horror, here is a spellbinding take on the 1612 Pendle Witch Trials. Winterson writes solemnly beautiful vision of a dark period of complicated morality, sex and tragic plays for power in a time when politics and religion were closely intertwined. On Good Friday 1612, deep in the woods of Pendle Hill, a gathering of 13 is interrupted by the local magistrate. Is it a witches' 'Sabbat'? Two of their coven have already been imprisoned in Lancaster Castle for witchcraft and are awaiting trial and certain death, but those who remain are vouched for by the wealthy and respected Alice Nutter. Shrouded in mystery and with eternally youthful beauty, Alice is established in Lancashire society and insulated by her fortune. As those accused of witchcraft retreat into darkness, Alice stands alone as a realm-crosser, a conjurer of powers that will either destroy her or set her free. Elsewhere, a starved child lurks and a Jesuit priest and former Gunpowder plotter makes his way from France to a place of sanctuary. But is anyone safe? A story to leave you shivering. Beautifully written. 224pp in softback.
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