ART ATLAS: Book and CD

ART ATLAS: Book and CD

EDITED BY JOHN ONIANS    Book Number: 86557    Product format: Hardback

In an era when information graphics are more popular then ever, what better way to understand art than to see it laid out in a worldwide atlas. This extraordinary tome is the work of over 68 contributors, experts from around the globe which offers us an unprecedented understanding of art as a worldwide human behaviour. Editor John Onians specialises in the biological basis of artistic activity; his co-writers specialise in the art of India, ancient sculpture, early medieval painting, Palaeolithic art, modernism in Europe, contemporary art, Islamic art and architecture, art of North and Central America, Islam, Greek Sculpture, vase painting and gems, Japanese prints and paintings, Oriental and African studies and beyond. The overall structure of this massive Atlas is Time. The superb visual spreads cover 50,000 - 5000 BC, turning the globe from the Americas to the Pacific seven times, beginning with the earliest period and ending with the century 1900-2000. The reader who wishes to give precedence to spatial divisions and follow changes in a particular continent or region can do so easily by choosing to review the seven sets of period spreads for the relevant area as a group. Covering art, hunting and gathering, agriculture and urbanisation, war and empire, religion, exploitation, display, art and science, ideas and technology, we end with art institutions worldwide. In a massive span of history, take for example the Sub-Saharan Africa 1500-1800 and learn about the extent of Islam by 1500, approximate borders of kingdoms, Trans-Saharan trade, areas under Portuguese control, settlements, trade and travel, distribution of figural terracotta, of stone sculpture, the extent of Nok culture, exports of art and more. Fact boxes, superb colour mapping, beautiful colour photographs, paintings reproduced, this is an extraordinary and fascinating way to learn history through the medium of art and man's responses to the events around him. One particularly moving painting is on page 219 of a woman struck down in her home with yellow fever, her tiny baby clutching his dead mother's breast. The CD Rom contains every image and relates to the page numbers in this huge volume, 10" x 14", 350pp, 300 illus, plus 300 colour maps spanning 40,000 years of history plus searchable CD.
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Excellent reference
from Anonymous on 16/02/2020
I found the book interesting and informative even if some of the language is 'academic'.