SAILING BY STARLIGHT: In Search of Treasure Island

SAILING BY STARLIGHT: In Search of Treasure Island

ALEX CAPUS    Book Number: 86514    Product format: Hardback

The loss of a Spanish Vessel laden with golden jewels in the South Seas, the burial of treasure, an ancient map and a long and arduous dangerous voyage across the Pacific to prove that Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Treasure Island' actually exists. Capus proves that it exists in a place quite different from where the hordes of treasure seekers have been looking for it for generations. We find out the reason that Robert Louis Stevenson spent the last five years of his life in Samoa. His extended family quarrelled viciously, his wife Fanny was prone to fits of anger, his son-in-law a drunken womaniser, and everyone relying on Louis' income. On a long trip around the Pacific islands and with the idea of writing articles for American periodicals, Stevenson, travelling with his beloved wife Fanny and stepson Lloyd Osbourne, had no notion of stopping at Samoa when their ship made landfall in December 1889. Yet only six weeks later at the age of 39 he would invest all his available assets in a patch of impenetrable jungle and spend the rest of his life there. He was already quite a sick man. This astonishing book is charming and mischievous and gives us a tantalising vision and strange flavour of the jungle, the heat, the stifled atmospheres but also the business of the islands, the tattooed locals, life between the islands, divine shenanigans, and dozens of letters are quoted. This is not a biography but an extraordinary, original and lyrical quest to a treasured island. Scarlet clothbound with tipped in illustration on the front cover, 136pp.
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