PRINCE CHARLES: The Passions and the Paradoxes

PRINCE CHARLES: The Passions and the Paradoxes

SLLY BEDELL SMITH    Book Number: 86495    Product format: Hardback

From the back stairs of the palaces and Highgrove to the front pages of the tabloids, here is a revelatory biography of the man who has waited his whole life to be king. The Prince of Wales is the oldest heir to the throne in more than 300 years. The product of four years research and hundreds of interviews with palace officials, former girlfriends, spiritual gurus and others, this biography focusses on all the ambitions, insecurities and convictions of Prince Charles. It is the first authoritative treatment of his life that sheds light on his marriage and the death of Diana, his marriage to Camilla and his preparations to take the throne one day. It begins with his lonely childhood in which he struggled to live up to his father's expectations and sought companionship from the Queen Mother and his great-uncle Lord Mountbatten. It follows him through difficult years at school, his early love affairs, his intellectual quests, his entrepreneurial pursuits, and his intense search for spiritual meaning. For nearly five years, Charles had been submitting his dreams to Laurens van der Post's wife Ingaret for Jungian analysis. Following his marriage and honeymoon at Balmoral, Diana hated the isolation of the castle and Charles retreated to the hills and river with his fishing rod and guns. "She berated him about Camilla, accusing him of continuing their relationship. She suffered from insomnia, looked anorexic as her weight dropped to 110lbs on her five foot ten frame, and sank into long weeping jags." In contrast is Charles's relaxed, happy, very naughty and humorous relationship with Camilla Shand, later Camilla Parker Bowles. She kept her hunter Molly at Highgrove and Charles made his staff available to her for errands. She had brought a house in Lacock where in her new drawing room was a portrait of Alice Keppel, her infamous great-grandmother. The biography is a delicious blend of glamour and grandeur, rivalry and jealousy, greatness and human foibles, written with wisdom and sympathy and punctuated with many colour and mono photos. Hugely detailed on all his charitable works, the Princes Trust, Commonwealth visits, diplomacy and such huge changes in modern British history, it is endlessly fascinating. With explanatory map, beautiful photographs on the endpapers, small remainder mark, desirable roughcut pages in this US first edition.
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