ASK AN ASTRONAUT: My Guide to Life In Space

ASK AN ASTRONAUT: My Guide to Life In Space

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Tim Peake served as an officer in the British Army and has logged more than 3,000 flight hours on over 30 different types of aircraft. He finished his mission on the International Space Station in June 2016. Based on that historic mission, here are the answers to the best thousand questions he's been asked by people all over the world. How do you go to the toilet in space? Do humans have a duty to explore the unknown? What are all the different parts of the space station? Does food taste different in space? What was your funniest moment? What was the best part of your spacewalk and did you eat anything during it? Was the Earth more beautiful at night or during the day as a view from space? Can you see other aircraft or ships? Is it noisy? Did you have any injuries on landing? Did you bring back any souvenirs? Many of the concepts are illustrated using hand-drawn diagrams and cartoons to reveal cutting edge science and awe-inspiring wonder about life in orbit. The mystery scent topic is a light-hearted debate amongst astronauts. The smell has since been described as seared steak, hot metal, welding fumes and barbecue or perhaps static electricity. Experience the wonderful life of an astronaut with this most hospitable companion. 247pp, diagrams and colour photos.
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