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The fear of the end of the world has repeatedly appeared throughout the ages and is here documented through hundreds of colour artworks from the Angel of the Abyss and the Locusts from c950 from the Morgan Beatus manuscript and the Four Horsemen Appear c1060 from an illuminated manuscript, to Frida Kahlo's 1946 drawings with cataclysmic themes and Dalí's 1940 Visage of War, a skull-like face with further skulls embedded in the sockets of the eyes and mouth in dried, sepia colour. The index takes us from the Abyss of Hell from Dante's Divine Comedy through artworks by Titian, Bosch, Blake, Fra Angelico, Da Vinci, Goya, Giordano, Bruegel, Rodin, Raphael to Gustave Doré with his vision of the Valley of Dry Bones and Dürer's the Whore of Babylon. The book begins with selected dates of apocalyptic predictions from c34CE when the first Christian church awaits the return of Jesus Christ to the 23rd December 2012 when the counting system of the Mayan calendar had people scared, and into the future 2076 when the writings of the venerable Bede foretold that the 6000th year since the biblical creation will be the year 2076 believing that God created the world to last only 6000 years. It also marks the year 1500 in the Islamic calendar which holds an apocalyptic relevance for some Sufi groups. 256pp, heavyweight with colour. New publication.
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An excellent pictorial book.
from Anonymous on 18/10/2019
This book is almost a guidebook to what not to expect from the end of the world! By this I mean that every age has interpreted signs and symbols pointing to imminent catastrophy, that has yet to turn up! The artworks, contemporary with the text, are wonderful, and, except for some over-active imaginations as to the tortures we sinners shall be put through, are wonderful. A really great read as well as visual book